#1 – Hello! We’re all setup…

#1 – Hello! We’re all setup…

It’s now just over a month since we launched Twin Trees Creative & what an action packed month it’s been.

In between working with existing clients and finishing off a couple of project videos, we’ve made some exciting new connections & finished the setup of our own online platforms. It’s easy to neglect your own ‘house’ when you’re helping others build theirs, but we’re pleased to have content posting to all of the links below, and will be keeping a frequent flow of updates here, on our website. Please also go and give us a follow/like/subscribe to stay up to date with all of our activity on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube !

We haven’t neglected the office space & uniforms either – we’ve got a couple of framed logos up on the wall & had a couple of t-shirts printed to keep us fully branded whilst we’re out with clients!

Now the foundations are largely set, we’ve got a packed June schedule, which promises to be both challenging and exciting, with two fantastic video projects which are the most story-based we’ll have done to date – proper scripts, storyboards and narrative to work to! We can’t wait for those….

Below are a couple of images from recent outings with the camera… get in touch for a chat about your media, branding or marketing needs!

Humanstairs, featuring Nick on bass.
Nick capturing some shots of the VW in a beautiful sea of yellow!