#10 Three ways to stand out from the crowd

#10 Three ways to stand out from the crowd

The summer holidays have come and gone, and it seems everyone is ready to get back down to business!

Whilst we did have some much needed downtime over August, we still managed to squeeze in some client work – notable highlights include a short film to support the release of a new book for a local author, a short promo video for Marked One in Stafford, some redesigned menus for one of our longstanding restaurant clients, as well as several website builds for new clients with our web design partner DJM Web.

You’ll see more on these in the coming months as they’re released by the clients and we’re able to share the juicy behind the scenes details with you. Already lined up for the next couple of months are a mini documentary, music videos for bands, and we’re supporting a huge charity event! There’s always room for more if you’re wondering, just send us a message to talk about how we could work together!

All of our projects have a common purpose; our clients want great content that makes them stand out from the crowd, something which is easier said than done these days! So, to conclude this blog, here are three brief tips for you to focus on in helping you to stand out.

1- Be bold and clear in your brand and mission statement!

If you can define this it’ll be far easier to focus the messages for your communications and marketing, and this in turn makes it easier for content creators like ourselves to support you. When we were speaking with the team at Marked One, they were really clear with their brand and mission statement. We paraphrase, but essentially they told us… ‘We want to create amazing work for our clients and have a reputation for providing high quality tattoos in a relaxed and personable environment so that clients feel comfortable to come back to us and recommend us to their friends.’ Knowing this made the shooting & editing process of our recent video (which we’ll post this week) with Marked One a lot smoother; we focused on the tattoo artists, and their attention to detail that clearly goes into the amazing work for their own clients.

A snap from our work with Marked One during the film shoot.

2- Provide fantastic customer service!

Businesses will live or die on a reputation which is built through customer service. If you don’t have customers, you don’t have income. So be passionate about great customer service, ask for feedback (there’s a great saying about “feedback being the breakfast of champions”), and when they leave a comment about how good their experience has been, shout it from the rooftops. This is also how we all, as independent businesses, can stand out from our large corporate counterparts. Personal, professional & friendly service… another great saying, “people won’t remember what you did for them, they’ll remember how you made them feel!” We’ll try and do both!

3- Make it personal!

Linked to both of the above, we’ll keep this one simple – try as much as you can to weave your personality into your business. Be proud of it & stand at the front, let people know who you are & what it’s all about. Try little videos on social media about your journey, talk about your process, share updates on what’s going well (and what’s not if you want to) & have fun whilst you’re doing it. We do this on a fairly regular basis on our Instagram account if you want to see this in action!

We’d love to hear your tips for standing out from the crowd – what do you do now, what would you like to try & do? How can we help you? How can you help us?