#12 Making the most of a video

#12 Making the most of a video

Last week we blogged about why your business needs videos.

We continue that theme this week – helping you maximise the impact your videos can have through an effective marketing campaign.

It’s important to note that we’re focusing on more finely tuned videos here – we’re not talking about selfie or on the spot shoot videos, which of course have their own place in your marketing & can be really effective. The tips below also assume your video is well shot and either entertaining, informative, funny or all of these!  

You’ll need to put some planning into this one, beyond just the video, but with the effort you’ve put into it already, you owe it to yourself and your team! 

We recently worked with newly formed band Chapter Nineteen on a video for their first single. Not only are the guys brilliant musicians & songwriters but they also share our passion for social media, so we’ve included a few examples of what they did to reach an audience, alongside our tips:

1.Build the hype before you post – let people know the video is coming, what it’s about & include some visuals. Chapter Nineteen posted a series of GIFs from the most visually interesting scenes.

2.Premiere the video – you could do this yourself, for example, on Facebook, or use the platform (and in turn audience) of a relevant media distributor. Chapter Nineteen used Dread Central. https://www.dreadcentral.com/news/311095/exclusive-chapter-nineteen-pay-loving-homage-to-stephen-king-in-stephen-music-video/ 

3.Tag and hashtag all that’s relevant. This partly comes in the making of the video – before you start you should be thinking about what the audience you’re trying to reach will be interested in. By all means do your own thing, be authentic, but ensure you’re linking in with where “the eyes” are.  Chapter Nineteen did this through their Facebook post & even gave a shout out to Stephen King on his birthday

4.Once the video is released post a behind the scenes of the shoot that will add value from a different perspective. You could include some bloopers in this – every video shoot has them!  You can easily produce commentary to go over the top. 

5.One final longer term tip that will come as no surprise – if you regularly post videos longer than a minute with a reasonable production value then you should be posting these to YouTube and build an audience on there. This also allows you to embed the video into your website and ensure maximum value over a longer period of time. A lot of videos posted on Facebook & Instagram are deemed largely irrelevant after a few days of them being posted. YouTube and website will have a longer life span for your clients.

If you need any support with shooting videos or planning your marketing campaign, get in touch – we’d love to help you grow!