#3 Finding the off switch

#3 Finding the off switch

Taking a break from the sun to get some client work done… modern tech eh?!

For a number of reasons the last 9 months have been somewhat intense for both of us at Twin Trees Creative. A combination of personal and work related commitments have left us in need of a break, not from Twin Trees Creative, our clients and our passion, but from the daily routine, long days and the relentless calendar and alarms that inform us. We love what we do, but once in a while it’s essential to switch off. 

Seeking some family fun over in Portugal, we spent a week away, getting some much needed vitamin D, reflecting and refreshing. We ended up doing some work whilst away – a topic for another blog – but it’s hard not to when your business is also your passion!

As we sat by the pool we spent some time reflecting on our first three months as Twin Trees Creative, discussing where we were on track with our business strategy and what could be done differently. Some things are working well; we’re getting to know a community of like-minded people and building a network of contacts and clients, whilst other things needed improvement, such as our individual roles in developing our own branding and marketing.

It was great to talk about and try our new gear in a less pressured environment (a particular highlight was a midnight walk to the beach to photograph the night sky), and put some plans in place for things we have had floating about for a while. 

Contrary to our business name and a frequently asked question, we aren’t actually twins, but it was great to connect as brothers and not business partners, having fun, laughing and doing the things that made us sure that running a business together was a good idea in the first place. That is something we can never lose sight of as we grow. 

Here are some images of our time away and things that on reflection, aside from the nature of the business itself, are why Twin Trees Creative is such a pleasure to be a part of.

Late night long exposure shot
A great chance to catch up on some reading