#9 We have blown it!!!

#9 We have blown it!!!

So it happened!! After 7 consecutive weeks of posting blogs each and every Monday, we finally missed our self imposed Monday deadline. Our world is crumbling, self esteem at an all time low, our business destroyed with all hopes and aspirations in tatters……except it’s not. If anything, it feels somehow freeing.

Having a great plan plays a part in achieving anything in life but what happens when we don’t quite achieve everything all of the time?

This is something that we used to beat ourselves up about, and I (Nick) would often spend a few days sulking, feeling useless. Three days later I’d pick myself up and jump back on the horse with gusto, but this brought about a series of peaks and troughs that in reality were unproductive and unnecessary.

We work pretty long days, usually from when we wake up to not long before we go to sleep. Squeezing in a social life and elements of relaxation to keep us sane, as well as a family life doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Even then, is it realistic to think that we are going to get everything done every time to plan!? We aim to deliver to but if we hit 80% of our plan then we know we have done well and moved further forward.

So no, we did not deliver on our Material Monday promise this week….’We have blown it’ wednesday instead, with the only byproduct being a little perspective. We will be back next Monday, that is for sure (we think), so remember next time you don’t quite meet your own high standards, don’t beat yourself up, you might even enjoy it!

(I couldn’t press post without a visual so here is a picture from a shoot we did this weekend with Marked One, from Stafford)