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#14 Bringing a book to life

Everyone loves a good story don’t they? Our own craft somewhat relies on our ability to condense any subject, service or product into a meaningful narrative through photos, videos & marketing. Whilst the content is inevitably not always something we’re passionate about, understanding how best to market & produce a high quality end products &…

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#13 Less is more

This week was like Christmas at Twin Trees Towers, with a special delivery. After pondering for some time, we made the plunge and sold what is a more versatile lens, the Tamron 24-70mm, for the Canon 24mm 1.4 prime lens. In some respects this makes our lives harder, requiring more thought into the shots we…

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#12 Making the most of a video

Last week we blogged about why your business needs videos. We continue that theme this week – helping you maximise the impact your videos can have through an effective marketing campaign. It’s important to note that we’re focusing on more finely tuned videos here – we’re not talking about selfie or on the spot shoot…

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#11 Why your business needs videos

We have a number of video & film projects being released by clients in the coming weeks, so we thought we’d use this week’s blog to reflect on the importance of using films or short videos specifically to promote your business. Video marketing is certainly nothing new – businesses have used TV commercials for years…

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#10 Three ways to stand out from the crowd

The summer holidays have come and gone, and it seems everyone is ready to get back down to business! Whilst we did have some much needed downtime over August, we still managed to squeeze in some client work – notable highlights include a short film to support the release of a new book for a…

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#9 We have blown it!!!

So it happened!! After 7 consecutive weeks of posting blogs each and every Monday, we finally missed our self imposed Monday deadline. Our world is crumbling, self esteem at an all time low, our business destroyed with all hopes and aspirations in tatters……except it’s not. If anything, it feels somehow freeing. Having a great plan…

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#8 How Twin Trees started

(Approx 4 min read). In this blog we take a small trip down memory lane to recall the seeds & roots that grew to become Twin Trees Creative. As a company that constantly advises clients to maximise their personal connections with their audiences & customers, we always try to ensure that we’re doing that too….

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#7 Let’s talk about your marketing

If these scenarios sound familiar, then this blog is for you. Don’t put this off for a rainy day – we’re here to help & its way easier to make small improvements that will deliver results than you might think. So, do you:- -Spend considerable amounts of money on new products, equipment & kitting out…

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