#6 – What happens when it all goes wrong!?

Changeable weather equals changeable lighting equals an absolute headache for outdoor shooting. The weather in the UK has been slightly odd this past week. Today jumped between bright sunshine, grey cloudy skies and torrential downpours, often one after the other in no particular order within a matter of minutes. Now that might not be so…

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#4 reasons why you need a Website?

A friend recently asked us about the value of a website in today’s market of Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. When choosing a domain name, getting a hosting service and building and designing a website seem so much more complicated than setting up an Instagram page in 10 minutes, why should people bother!? Here are our…

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Learning Zone vs Performance Zone

Developing. Improving. Progressing. These are things that we all want, especially if you are a business owner and your livelihood depends upon it. However, how many of us are putting the fundamental building blocks in place to ensure that we actually achieve this in a consistent way!? It is easy to get lost in the…

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#3 Finding the off switch

For a number of reasons the last 9 months have been somewhat intense for both of us at Twin Trees Creative. A combination of personal and work related commitments have left us in need of a break, not from Twin Trees Creative, our clients and our passion, but from the daily routine, long days and…

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#2 All the gear – what’s your idea?

Every now and then, we get a little bit excited. Like, Christmas when you’re a kid excited. The reason for this – camera gear! We’ve got a good set of Canon camera bodies (currently a 6D, a 6DII and one of the new mirrorless range – the EOS R) to help meet our client’s demands….

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#1 – Hello! We’re all setup…

It’s now just over a month since we launched Twin Trees Creative & what an action packed month it’s been. In between working with existing clients and finishing off a couple of project videos, we’ve made some exciting new connections & finished the setup of our own online platforms. It’s easy to neglect your own…

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